Thursday, January 6, 2011

Schoolin’ Republican Leaders: Virginia Foxx to Chair Higher Education Subcommittee

Dear Senator McConnell and Speaker Boehner:

As leaders of your party, I think it is imperative that you start with the basic education that the people in your party so desperately need, especially since you have appointed Virginia Foxx to chair the higher-education subcommittee. Virginia Foxx? Virginia Foxx, who is not even qualified to serve on the PTA? Seriously?

Virginia Foxx who voted no on green schools? Virginia Foxx who voted no on an additional $10.2B for federal education and HHS projects? Virginia Foxx who voted no on allowing courts to decide "God" in Pledge of Allegiance, and who voted no on $84 million in grants for Black and Hispanic colleges, and who wants to return the middle-man-bankers to the student loan program? Virginia Foxx who says she can’t remember now why she voted against the Higher Education Act in 2008? 

Virginia Foxx who said, “There are no Americans who don’t have healthcare. Everybody in this country has access to healthcare?” Virginia Foxx who claimed that Matthew Shepard's death was merely the result of a robbery gone bad? 

Seriously? Cross your heart and hope to die serious? Serious as a heart attack? The Virginia Foxx who majored in English but doesn’t seem to understand it? This appointment makes as little sense to sane people as appointing Michelle Bachman to the Intelligence Committee.

In case the differences between fact, opinion, and feelings have escaped the two of you, (as you, Speaker Boehner indicated today when, in regard to the Birthers, you said you couldn’t tell people how to think, and as evidenced by your silence on the subject, Senator McConnell) I offer the following examples. I have tried, in vain, to explain this to others in recent months. Since I was talking with people who believe any lies you tell them, there is a slight possibility they might listen if you actually try to tell them something useful. I’ve made it as simple as possible, both to understand and to communicate on a Republican-base level.

Example 1

FACTS: My eyes are blue, my vision is failing, I have extremely dry eyes, yet they tear excessively.

REASONABLE OPINIONS: My eyes are pretty, ugly, too large for my face, too close together, too far apart, looking old. It’s a shame that my vision is failing, I should be grateful that I can see at all, maybe I should see a new doctor, I look a mess when my eyes water and smear my make-up.

INVALID, RIDICULOUS OPINIONS: My eyes are brown, yellow, purple – any color but blue. My eyes are too small. I can’t possibly have dry eyes since they water. My vision is perfect.

FEELINGS: I am sad that my vision is failing, I am happy glasses and contacts enable me to function, it makes me happy when people say they like my blue eyes, I’m embarrassed when I tear at inappropriate times and when my make-up smears.

Example 2

FACT: President Obama was born in Hawaii, which is part of the United States.

REASONABLE OPINION: That means he can be president if he wins the presidential election.

RIDICULOUSLY STUPID OPINION THAT REFLECTS NEGATIVELY ON THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AND WASTES VALUABLE DISCUSSION TIME: If I don’t want him to be president, I can just say I don’t believe he was born in the United States even though he was.

FEELINGS: I’m happy that Barack Obama is qualified to be President. I’m angry that Barack Obama is qualified to be President. I’m jealous that President Obama beat my candidate. I’m embarrassed that I am too stupid to read the birth certificate that has been published for the world to see.

Since we are two years into this Presidency and it appears your party is not going to learn without some leadership, it would benefit all of us if you could jump right on this most important matter. Republicans do not get to make up their own facts, no matter how often they insist that their opinions and feelings are the same as facts. It simply does not work in the real world.




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  2. It is sad That a (what do I call it) Mitch (?) can have an influence on anything more than three feet away from his own ass, let alone a country.
    However this insidious sickness caries across our borders to even less well off countrymen in very dire circumstances. the middle east, central america, sierra leon my God what have they done.