Saturday, July 17, 2010

Groove On This, Senator McConnell

Dear Senator McConnell:

For once, you got something right. Yes, THE American People have lost faith. I don’t think you understand the depth of this loss or you surely would not be so cavalier when speaking about it. Even I, as untraditional and crude as I can be, was shocked by your immature “groove back” dismissal of your culpability in obstructing progress that is imperative to the welfare of THE American People, individually and collectively. This, Senator McConnell, your failure to lead in an intelligent, respectful manner has caused people to lose faith.

I’m sure you feel “groovey” about President Obama’s negative poll numbers. Before the cockiness settles too firmly, let me explain. Yes, we are unhappy with President Obama for reaching out to you, and for allowing you to waste precious time that we don’t have to spare. You have stated repeatedly that your only plan is to say no. We understand that. We know you will take this country down with you rather than cooperate in any way with this administration. Remember that last election? That was THE American People telling you that they wanted President Obama’s changes. We know that, and we want President Obama to admit finally that he knows it too. And we want him to tell us he knows your party of obstructionists are a threat to the salvation of this country.

THE American People will have faith in their government once again when our leaders stand up and act like leaders.

To show that I am willing to talk to you on any level you choose, I’ve written a little Groove Back rap in your honor.

Mitch got his groove back

“virtually” every survey shows

he’s perfected the art of slack

proven what he doesn’t know

Mitch got his groove back

showed he doesn’t care

how far he strays off track

or who knows he isn’t fair

Mitch got his groove back

let us see what he can’t do

despite his constant childish flack

another bill got through

Mitch got his groove back

the pathetic political hack

proved his leadership is whack

we mustn’t bring him back

(I realize this isn't quite where it needs to be but promise I'll work on dumbing down if you will slow down until I catch up.)



cc: President Obama

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